It was Adam Smith, sometimes called the father of modern economics, who coined the term "God's invisible hand" in his attempt to explain how the world economic system seemed to be guided.
    Two hundred years later, the modern world sees the influence of the "invisible hand" in far more than the economic system: in education particularly we are challenged to understand the wide-ranging, integrated nature of knowledge from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and medicine.
    Contemporary society needs and demands education and academic research in forms that transcend conventional scholarship and emphasize truly interdisciplinary approaches.
    We choose a golden hand and a globe to symbolize the spirit of "Catch The World" representing the power of intelligence in seeking the truth; and "Catch The Future", or gaining insight through education. An element of purity and value recognized throughout the world, gold represents the symbol of how our socio-economic lives are all globally valuable, while the earth and the hand together confirm our view that the future of humanity will be defined by education and a respect for global culture and environment.
    From now on and for always, there are no limits to our intellectual development: and this must be a mantra shared by all at Hokkai-Gakuen: Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students.