Masao Morimoto, LL.D.(Hon.)
Chairman of the Board of Governors

    The history of Hokkai-Gakuen dates back to 1885 when its predecessor, Hokkai English School, was founded in Hokkaido to meet the social needs of Japan卒s second-largest island still in the pioneer stage in those days.

    Hokkai-Gakuen, devoted primarily to secondary education since its inception, has now expanded into a comprehensive educational foundation which includes four affiliated educational institutions. These are Hokkai-Gakuen University (Graduate School of Economics,Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Law,Graduate School of Letters,Graduate School of Engineering,Graduate School of Legal affairs, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Engineering), Hokkai School of Commerce (Graduate School of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce), Hokkai High School and Hokkai-Gakuen Sapporo High School.

    Today, people's concerns, interests and sense of values tend to be increasingly diversified as our society moves towards maturity, internationalization and information intensification. Under these circumstances, we at Hokkai-Gakuen will continue our concerned efforts to provide creative educational and research opportunities, based on a clear understanding of the needs of our times. Further, our efforts will also be directed to the development of Hokkaido as an affluent community, encouraging the economic and cultural growth of Japan卒s northern region.

    Running uninterruptedly in the veins of the students and members of the faculties and offices of every school of Hokkai-Gakuen from beginning to date is the blood alive with fervor of the forerunners, who were thorough in stepping forward in concert with tilling sounds for cultivating Hokkaido and in not giving way to mounting hardships inherent in privately-owned schools, during the 125-year history celebrated in 2010. They have made contributions through each generation to all fields and regions, sometimes to studying, athletic, cultural, and artistic activities, committing this tradition to the subsequent generations. Keenly feeling of the mission imposed on Hokkai-Gakuen, we express an eager hope to adhere to the self-awareness of having been the predecessor of privately-owned schools in Hokkaido and to make a further leap towards a new future.