In addition to the exchanges of both professors and students with the University of Lethbridge, Hokkai-Gakuen started a teacher and student exchange program of its two high schools with Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (Alberta, Canada). According to an Agreement between Lethbridge Collegiate Institute and Hokkai-Gakuen, we have been working towards developing and maintaining an exchange program of high school faculty and students of both institutions. The high school faculty exchanges have been continuing on an annual basis, while the student exchanges have been arranged every other year respectively.

    In the meantime, the faculty and student exchange programs between Hokkai-Gakuen and Taejon University(Taejon, the Republic of Korea) started on the basis of an Agreement signed when Hokkai-Gakuen University of Kitami marked the twentieth anniversary of establishment in July, 1996. At that time, Hokkai-Gakuen invited Presidents and officials of Taejon University, the University of Saskatchewan, Mount Allison University, and Beijin University for uniting international linkage. Hokkai-Gakuen is also actively promoting international exchanges with the United States, China, and other countries in its efforts to meet the demands of this new “age of coexistence".