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Chairman’s Message

To Navigate the 21st Century with Unwavering Determination

Chairman of the Board of Governors

The history of Hokkai-Gakuen dates back to 1885 when its predecessor, Hokkai English School, was founded to meet the needs of society by educating students who could go on to contribute to the development of Hokkaido.
Since then, Hokkai-Gakuen has progressed together with Hokkaido and established relationships of trust with the local community, moving ahead with unwavering determination despite many challenges and hardships.

In the 21st century, the pace of development and change in society is accelerating even faster. Advances and globalization of science and information technology in various industries require secondary and higher educational institutions to educate students who are capable of keeping up with such progress. In this rapidly changing modern world, Hokkai-Gakuen continues to make every effort to enable the development of promising young people and to send them forth with confidence to contribute towards building a humane and creative society.

Hokkai-Gakuen intends to advance into the future while maintaining the traditions that have been nurtured along with the development of Hokkaido through the strenuous efforts and enthusiasm of our predecessors.


1931 Born Sapporo
1957 Graduated from the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
1970 Appointed Professor(Development Policy), Hokkai-Gakuen Faculty of Economics and Graduate School of Economics
1976 Appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors of Hokkai-Gakuen
2004 Awarded Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star
2005 Awarded Hokkaido Merit Award